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Sarah-Jane Carey

Sarah-Jane has 20 years international experience with both multi-nationals and SME's, first in sales & customer service and then as a HR consultant and coach. Sarah-Jane has a natural talent for empathy and she enables and unleashes the power of teams in organisations by encouraging the appreciation of diversity amongst team members. With her approach she will inspire you to obtain insightful wisdom allowing you to connect with yourself, with your colleagues and with the goals of your organisation.

+32 (0)486 28 81 39.
Frieda Janssens

Frieda has worked for the last 30 years in an international environment with blue-chip companies. She has a wealth of experience in transformation projects where she brings structure to the chaos and creates sustainable change. Frieda has a great ability to work pragmatically with a hands-on approach while constantly maintaining focus and clarity on the bigger picture and the end goal. She loves empowering teams to create environments based on trust and shared responsibility where they can get the job done!

+32 (0)476 78 03 70
Kris Ooms

Kris has built a broad experience in the development of strategies and the practical implementation of it, working for a multinational for 22 years and coaching SME?s as well as non-profit organizations since 2010. She is passionate about helping organisations to sharply define where they want to go to and to translate this in what they need to do in order to really make it happen in the field. Where appropriate the latter includes understanding how to improve governance. Kris is a clear-headed conceptual thinker, a hands-on problem solver, a committed deliverer and an energetic communicator.

+32 (0)476 78 03 70

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CompanyWise is a recognized service provider for subsidies administered by the SME-Portfolio for the following pillars: Training, Advice and Strategic Advice for growth. SME's based in Flanders are eligable for up to 30.000 EURO in subsidies each year. For more information go to »
Management Drives Certified Partner. In addition to insight into behaviour, Management Drives also provides an analysis of the cooperation between teams and people and provides concrete tools for improvement. Organizations are able to achieve objectives, teams become more effective and individuals develop leadership.
CTT Certified Partner. Barrett Values Center Cultural Transformation Tools are powerful diagnostic tools for supporting the growth and development of organizations, leaders, teams and individuals.
Senior Consultant Total Workplace Innovation (TWIN). The TWIN canvas from Flanders Synergy offers a clear roadmap and a hands-on tool for making informed decisions during the (re)design of organizational structure.
All voices count: self directing teams with principles of deep democracy and the wisdom of minority.
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