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Your Company Culture Can't Be Disconnected from Your Customers

21/03/2016 Very good  article from the Havard Business Review on the 3 levels of Company Culture
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Can't-Miss Advice

06/11/2015 8 Business Leaders Share How to Cultivate a Successful High-Performance Company Culture. Well worth a read, we especially like point number 8.
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Mindfulness as a Productivity Tool?

28/08/2015 Good article from the Havard Business Review on Mindfulness but also the benefits of self-compassion!
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Understanding 'Roles' and The impact on a culture of Safety

10/08/2015 Great article written by Georgina Veldhorst posted on the Deep Democracy Website. True for your personal en professional life.  
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No time to be nice at work?

08/07/2015 Productivity increases by 37% with motivated employees. Stressful jobs increase the risk of a cardiovascular event by 38%. Which one of both do you choose?
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The Business Case for Empathy or, Why Customer Engagement Begins in their Shoes, by Matthew Berger

03/07/2015  A finding by McKinsey shows that up to 70% of a customer’s buying experience is based on how they feel they are being treated.
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The Importance of Naming Your Emotions

07/06/2015 A short article from The New York Times by Tony Schwartz with a simple  but important message.
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The Power of Empathy

27/05/2015 A great article from the HBR on Empathy and the power of listening!
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6 Rules for Building and Scaling Company Culture by Anthony K. Tjan

30/03/2015 A well written, clear article in the HBR highlighting the key principles needed to build a solid culture. It comes down to Purpose, Values and Leadership. Simple really!
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