Organisational Development


Designing and elaborating new organizational structure is not easy for well  established companies and organizations. Yet it is very necessary for survival. The time when roles were separated into thinking and doing, and functions are drawn up in isolation from each other, is over.

At CompanyWise we work together with you to draw up an innovative organisational structure with a clear, tailor-made strategy that meet the needs of your company.

Embracing a complex world
Embracing a complex world
Implementing a new strategy
New times call for new approaches
For the greater good
We are all better off

Embracing a complex world

We live in a complex world that is constantly changing. There is more volatility and uncertainty, processes are increasingly complex and unclear. Did you know that in the past 15 years the number of procedures, vertical layers, control bodies and decision making processes has increased by 300%? That the number of performance indicators used to steer an organization increased from an average of 5 in 1950 to 30 in 2017?

Implementing a new strategy

Organizations are making a transition that is in line with the major changes in our society. It requires a new way of working together, new skills and a new style of leadership. Organizations that focus on creativity and develop employee skills retain their competitive advantage in an innovative world. Empathy and ability to translate what the customer really needs play a crucial role in this. Goals are pursued thanks to collaboration and not in spite of suffocating systems.

With an innovative business strategy you increase profitability and stay ahead of the competition. This includes:

  • redesigning the macrostructure
  • a shift in both executive & supporting, planning & steering processes
  • microstructure of teams geared to self-organization
  • the development of employee competencies
  • the development of support systems 

For the greater good

The advantages of the appropriate structure balanced with your company culture:

  • Room to breath for employees and managers
  • Room for development, growth and challenges
  • Mobilization of employee skills and intellect
  • Healthy balance between task requirements and freedom to steer and organize your own work
  • Managers have more time to work ON the organization
  • Teams initiate progress thanks to their increased insight and awareness
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